Oy, The Next Jewish Musical

You’ve heard, maybe, of The Rothschilds. You’ve heard, maybe, of Fiddler on the Roof. I give to you the next Broadway sensation…

[Credit for finding this goes to shiftcommathree on weirdjews]

Update: Here’s some further background from lordandrei‘s posting of this. This is a performance that occurred at this year’s Easter Bonnet Competition. Apparently, there was a collaborative performance by the casts of Fiddler on the Roof and Avenue Q. The result was a satire called Avenue Jew. The Q cast members included the current Broadway stars as well as Lyon and Tartaglia. The script and article of the satire can be found in a recent online article in Playbill (and, shutterbug93, the article mentions Kevin). lordandrei also highlighted this YouTube video of the British Avenue Q cast doing “Sucks to be me”.