So What Do Jewish Goths Do?

According to the Dallas Morning News, and reported via a number of sources, there’s a new “in” color for Christmas trees.


Yes, black is the new green, or white, or silver. It started in the UK last year, when the Brits embraced the dark side — black trees with black trunks and black branches. According to Susan Rose, editor of Britain’s Ideal Home magazine, “Black-and-white has been a strong interiors trend for a couple of years now. If you want to do an elegant, sophisticated Christmas, black is the way to do it.”

Now, just like Harry Potter and the Spice Girls, Black trees are a hit in America. According to Bill Quinn of, the black trees that he stocks are selling well (although I should note, for dianec42, that he stocks a purple tree as well, as well as upside-down trees, red trees, and aqua trees).

Black trees. What is the world coming to?