Things That Make You Go “Ummmmm”

I just received my weekly event posting from Goldstar Events (use this referral link and I’ll get a little credit). Goldstar is a service that offers half-price tickets in a large number of cities including Los Angeles/Orange County, the San Francisco Bay Area, Washington DC, New York City, and Boston (the latter two have just been added). They have a weekly email posting of events that might be of interest.

Anyway, I’m skimming this week’s message when I see the following:

You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen, but do you recall Rudolph the cross-dressing reindeer, the gay circuit boy elves, the Hitler Santa Claus, the alcoholic Mrs. Claus and the Abominable Drag Beast? No? Well, this is not the “claymation” holiday musical you see every year on television. So “don we now our gay apparel” and head for the Elephant Theatre to enjoy the latest outrageous treat from TheSpyAnts Theatre Company.

Rudolph the cross-dressing reindeer?!?