Doing Something For My Health…

After a little over a year’s absence, we just went and rejoined the North Valley YMCA. We were previously quite active at the Y, where I was strongly involved in the Y-Princesses program (which is a program I highly recommend), as part of the Sioux-North tribe. However, in early 2005 we dropped our membership, as I had stopped driving there from our old house in North Hills. Instead, I got a personal trainer to come every other week.

Fast forward to now. We’re now a lot closer to the YMCA (3.1 vs. 8.3 miles), my personal trainer has gotten a full-time position at the Burbank Y teaching in Arizona, and the rates seem a lot more affordable than the trainer (the trainer was $60 every other week; the Y is $65/month for the entire family — individual membership is only $44/month — plus a one time $100 application fee). Additionally, my wife wants to start taking a number of classes there, such as Tai Chi, my daughter wants to take Yoga, and perhaps we might do some of their Ballroom Dancing classes.

My initial goal will be to get up there a few days a week directly after work (only 1.8 mi) to use the strength and cardio machines. From working with the trainer, I’m much more aware of what exercises do what, so I think I’ll be more effective in my workout routine.