Musing/Observations on Washington’s Birthday…

Yes, Washington’s Birthday. There is no such thing as Presidents Day. Don’t believe me? See Snopes.

Highway Pages Updated/Disclosure of CSU/UC Alumni Info. Today I’ve been busy updating the highway pages (see my entry in roadgeeks). As part of this, I review what our silly legislature proposed. Since early January, there have been over 800 bills introduced in the Assembly, and over 600 in the Senate. This season seems to be sillier than most. For example, we have the legislator who introduced a bill (SB 98) whose sole purpose is to change “which” to “that” in the definition of the highway department. This makes no sense, unless it is a placeholder bill for a later gut and replace. There’s also a bill (AB 540) to require bending over backwards for local concerns on Caltrans projects. Can you spell “Bay Bridge Overruns”? Of more interest, however, to this group, is SB 569. This bill would prescribe criteria for the disclosure of the names and addresses of alumni of the CSU and the UC systems, requiring that these names and addresses of alumni be disclosed only to provide those persons with informational materials relating to the university and its programs and activities. Those of you who are alumni: Look at it.

SFV Historical Society Program of Interest. Related to this, it appears that the San Fernando Valley Historical Society is going to have an interesting program coming up. The speaker on February 24 at 7:30 PM is Shel Weisbach, speaking on “The Urban Landscape of Los Angeles“. This should include photos of old neon signs, roadside architecture, old theatures, and all sorts of fun stuff.

Southern Faire: New Location. I’ve heard from some birdies that Southern Faire has a new location. It will be at the Santa Fe Dam park off of Arrow Highway (map). This is near where I-605 and I-210 meet, about 1 hr closer to LA than the old location. Huzzah!

Deaths Come In Threes. By now, folks have heard about the death of Hunter S. Thompson (the bats, the bats, they’re after me… blam!). You’ve probably also heard of the death of Sandra Dee, the original Gidget. What I haven’t seen mentioned is the death of John Raitt, a celebrated star of musicals. John: We thank you for your contributions.

Grrrr… Rain. Yup, the leak finally returns. And the rains last until Thursday… and come back next week. I’m looking forward to the drying of Spring.

Now, off to do my Tax Questionnaire for my accountant…