🗳️ Mar 2024 Primary Election Ballot Analysis (V): Summary

Here in California (and in Los Angeles in particular), we have an election coming up. You know what that means: Every election, I do a detailed ballot analysis of my sample ballot. This is where I examine each candidate and share my conclusions, and invite you to convince me to vote for the other jerk.  Because this is a long ballot, I’m splitting this analysis into a few chunks (note: links may not be available until all segments are posted):

  1. State and National Offices (excluding judges)
  2. County and City (Los Angeles) Local Offices (excluding judges)
  3. Local and State Measures (nee Propositions)
  4. Judicial Offices (County and State)
  5. Summary

This part provides a summary of my ballot analysis results. Please read the full explanation of why I chose who I chose in the links above. Note: This summary is presented in the order of the Sample Ballot.



(II) City/Local Offices + (I) State Senate and Assembly + (I) Congress

City of Los Angeles  
City Council, 12th District Serena Oberstein
Los Angeles Unified School District  
Board of Education, District 3 ⚫ Scott Mark Schmerelson / D INC
California State Senator, 27th District ⚫ Henry Stern INC (D)
California State Assembly: 40th District Pilar Schiavo INC (D)
US House of Representatives, 32nd District Brad Sherman (D) Inc

(III) City Measures


(II) County Offices

District Attorney ⚫ Jonathan Hatami / R→D

(IV) Judges of the Superior Court

Office № 12 Lynn Diane Olson INC
Office № 39 George A. Turner Jr.
Office № 48 Renee Rose
Office № 93  Victor Avila
Office № 97  Sharon Ransom
Office № 115 Christmas Brookens
Office № 124 Kimberly Repecka
Office № 130
 Leslie Gutierrez
Office № 135
 Steven Yee Mac
Office № 137
 Tracey M. Blount

(II) County Central Committee

40th Assembly District
(No More Than 7)
⓵ Andrew Taban;
⓶ Michelle Fowle;
⓷ Stacy Fortner INC
⓸ Michelle Elmer INC
⓹ Andres Sandoval INC
⓺ Betty Doumas-Toto;
⓻ Michelle Kampbell

(III) State Measures


(I) National Election

Presidential Preference Joseph R. Biden Jr INC
US Senator – Full Term (Jan 2025 through Jan 2031) Adam B Schiff ⌛⏳ (D)
US Senator – Short Term (ending Jan 2025) Adam B Schiff ⌛⏳ (D)



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