PETA says that Long Beach Aquarium should not serve fish

According to the LA Times, PETA has requested the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach to gut its cafeteria menu of fish and seafood, arguing that “serving fish at an aquarium is like serving poodle burgers at a dog show.” The head of the Fish Empathy Project for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said serving fish at an aquarium just isn’t right. “An institution with a mission that includes teaching people to respect and appreciate marine animals certainly shouldn’t serve fish in its cafeteria,” Karin Robertson wrote last week in a letter to Jerry Schabel, the aquarium’s chairman and chief executive. Robertson, who runs a website called, said recent studies have showed that fish are “intelligent, sensitive and interesting animals.” She wrote that “Fish are far more intelligent than previously thought, and in some respects their cognitive abilities surpass those of dogs and some nonhuman primates. The treatment of both commercially caught fish and fish from fish farms would warrant cruelty-to-animals charges in your state if animals we are more familiar with, like dogs and cats, were treated as badly.”

Poodle burgers at a dog show.

I’d rather have Schnauzer. I hear Pit Bull is rather tough. And I’m always hungry after Chihuahua, they just don’t serve enough. I find Sheepdog always leaves my mouth fuzzy afterwards. Greyhound just runs through me. After I eat Dalmation, I see spots.

My wife added: Boxer always fights back. Great Dane leaves me wanting Lutefisk.

From crumpeteer on metaquotes: I hear Doberman has a bite to it.