🗳️ June 2022 Primary Election Ballot Analysis (V): Summary

Here in California (and in Los Angeles in particular), we have an election coming up. For months, one of the wealthiest candidates has been blanketing the airwaves, together with ads from the Native-American Casino Lobby, fighting against a ballot initiative that isn’t even on this ballot. Now that both the sample ballots and the real ballots* have been mailed, the political advertising has increased by an order of magnitude. That’s where I come in. Every election, I do a detailed ballot analysis of my sample ballot. This is where I examine each candidate and share my conclusions, and invite you to convince me to vote for the other jerk.
* California gives all registered voters the option to vote by mail and to vote early.

Because this is a long ballot, I’m splitting it into a few chunks:

  1. National Offices** (including US Congress)
  2. Local Offices*** (excluding US Congress and State Assembly)
  3. Judicial Offices
  4. California Statewide Offices*** (including State Assembly)
  5. Summary

** Bucking the convention of my sample ballot, however, I’m including our Congressional Representative in this section.
*** Bucking the convention of my sample ballot, I’m including state legislative officers with the Statewide officers. In my case, that is my Assemblycritter, as we have no State Senator running for office this election.

This part provides a summary of my ballot analysis results. Please read the full explanation of why I chose who I chose in the links above.

(I) National Offices (including US Congress)

US Senator – Full Term (Jan 2023 through Jan 2029) Alex Padilla (D) Inc
US Senator – Short Term (ending Jan 2023) Alex Padilla (D) Inc
US House of Representatives, 32nd District Brad Sherman (D) Inc

(II) County and Local Offices

City of Los Angeles  
Mayor Karen Ruth Bass
City Attorney Faisal M. Gill
Controller Kenneth Mejia
Measure BB ⚫ Yes on BB
County of Los Angeles  
Supervisor 3rd District Lindsey Horvath
Sheriff Robert Luna
Assessor Jeffrey Prang Inc

(III) Judicial Offices

Office № 3 ⚫ Tim Reuben
Office № 60 ⚫ Sharon Ransom
Office № 67 Fernanda Maria Barreto
Office № 70 Holly L. Hancock
Office № 90  Melissa Lyons
Office № 116  David B. Gelfound Inc
Office № 118  Klint McKay
Office № 151 Patrick Hare
Office № 156 Carol Elswick Inc

(IV) California Statewide Offices (including State Assembly)

California Legislature
Member of the State Assembly, 40th District Annie E. Cho (D)
California Executive Branch  
Governor Gavin Newsom (D) Inc
Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis (D) Inc
Secretary of State Shirley N. Weber (D) Appointed Inc
Controller Ron Galperin (D)
Fiona Ma (D) Inc
Attorney General
Rob Bonta (D) Appointed Inc
Insurance Commissioner Marc Levine (D)
State Board of Equalization, 3rd District Tony Vazquez (D) Inc
Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony K. Thurmond Inc

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