Color Me Unimpressed

So far, I’m unimpressed with the hotel for the workshop:

  • The directions that are provided are poor, and the signage off of the main road is worse. For the second year in the road I had to circle around twice to find the place.
  • Those who have read ellipticcurve‘s LJ already know this: they have a problem with bedbugs or some other biting insect in some of their rooms. She was covered all over in bites this morning, and was scratching all day. They’ve moved her to a different room.
  • I seem to have been given a room just above the loading dock. Made fun at 5am this morning when the trash trucks came. Luckily, I was already awake.
  • It is now 4:00pm. Housekeeping still hasn’t made it to my room yet. When I called, the answer I got was “Oh, they just haven’t gotten there yet.” I’m sorry, but all rooms should be serviced by check-in time. Update: They got here at 4:05pm. Still too late in my opinion. It was a crew of three.
  • The tea water they served this morning was in an urn previously used for coffee, and not cleaned 100%. Pfew. Not the way to start the morning.
  • Internet access here is $9.95 per day. Now, I’ve gotten used to this on business travel (“Your tax dollars at work”), but I still can’t understand why the Best Westerns and that level can provide wireless for free, yet it is $10/day at Sheratons, Hiltons, etc. One can often get around this by visiting the business center; this is useful to get a boarding pass the morning you leave. Here: pony up the cash folks. They’ve partnered with Showcase Business Centers, and it is $0.49 per minute for computers, and $0.50 per page to print, with a $3.00 minimum. Yes, I can expense this as a legitimate business expense, but they are my tax dollars too! Update: It looks like the Business Center allows you to go to the airline websites and print from there (i.e., boarding passes) for free. I’m sure there’s a way to exploit that (heh, heh), but I would never do that!