A Relaxing Day

Today was a very relaxing day.

It started with a lovely breakfast/lunch with barelyproper at The Farmers Kitchen in Davis. This is a small little restaurant that is gluten-free and casein-free. My wife and daughter had fun, ordering tortes and pizzas, and having cake and brownies and pie for dessert. I joined in, and it was quite good. More importantly, my wife made some connections with the owner, and was encouraged to start her own gluten-free lifestyle consulting business. I think she would be great at it. She’s done it for a lot of our friends, quite successful.

After breakfast, barelyproper and ussens did some shopping in Davis, hitting some weaving, book, and free-trade stores. I do like the downtown Davis shopping district. We also hit the Davis Co-Op, but didn’t buy anything.

After that, we went over to visit ellipticcurve‘s sister’s family. We spent the day with D. and the wonder-nephew. In the evening, C, EC’s sister joined us for a wonderful dinner and conversation. Just a relaxing evening.

I’ve posted the plans for most of the week before, so I won’t repeat them again.