July/August Updates to California Highways

The July/August Updates to California Highways have just been uploaded.

Did the usual round of link updates. There weren’t that many this month, but I did add an affiliate to the Recommended Reading page.

Updated information on the following routes, based on my research(1), and contributions of information on leads (via direct mail or Usenet) from Concrete Bob(2), Jason Elliot(3), Dominic Ielati(4), Clary E. Kooshian(5), Larry Scholnick(6), Sean Tongson(7), Ron Z(8):Route 11(1), Route 13(7), Route 37(8), Route 58(2), Route 118(5), Route 149(4), Route 275(4), I-80(3), I-405(6).

Updated the legislative information page. Noted the passage of the following:

  • AB 1781 (Mountjoy) Highways: victim signs.
    Existing law requires, until January 1, 2007, that the Department of Transportation design, place, and maintain, or cause to be designed, placed, and maintained, “Please Don’t Drink and Drive” signs on state highways in memory of accident victims killed in accidents involving another party who was convicted of drunk driving or various other offenses and in certain other cases, if such a sign is requested or consented to by a family member of the accident victim and the requester pays a fee to cover the department’s costs, as specified. This bill would delete the January 1, 2007, sunset date for this program, thereby extending the program indefinitely.
    Chaptered July 20, 2006. Chapter 81

  • ACR 65 (Cogdill, Arambula, Benoit, Bermudez, Bogh, Daucher, DeVore, Evans, Frommer, Garcia, La Suer, Maze, Montanez, Mountjoy, Spitzer, Villines, and Wyland, Ackerman, Ashburn, Kuehl, Poochigian, and Romero) Kristopher’s Crossing.
    Designates Department of Transportation Bridge 4122 in Madera County as Kristopher’s Crossing. Note: If anyone knows what route this is on, please let me know!
    Chaptered July 11, 2006. Resolution Chapter 82.

  • ACR 97 (Blakeslee) Alex Madonna Memorial Highway
    Designates the portion of US 101 from the Madonna Road exit in San Luis Obispo to the Santa Barbara Road exit in South Atascaderoas the “Alex Madonna Memorial Highway“.
    Chaptered July 11, 2006. Resolution Chapter 83.

  • ACR 108 (La Malfa) Crynthia and Erling Hjertager Memorial Highway and the Erling Hjertager Memorial Bridge.
    Designates the portion of Route 3 between Callahan at post-mile 8.8 and Etna at post-mile 19.7 in the County of Siskiyou as the “Crynthia and Erling Hjertager Memorial Highway“. It also would rename the Wildcat Creek Bridge on Route 3 in the County of Siskiyou as the “Erling Hjertager Memorial Bridge“.
    Chaptered July 11, 2006. Resolution Chapter 84.

  • ACR 124 (Leslie) Harry Crabb Tunnel.
    This measure would designate the dedicated access enabling motorists to enter eastbound I-80 from Sunrise Boulevard, in the County of Placer, as the “Harry Crabb Tunnel“.
    Chaptered July 11, 2006. Resolution Chapter 87.

Reviewed the July CTC Agenda. Noted the following items of interest:

  • 2.1b. Program Amendments/Project Approvals – STIP Amendments for Notice

    *** (5) STIP Amendment 06S-007. The San Joaquin Council of Governments (SJCOG) is requesting to program two new PTA eligible projects, add programming to one existing PTA eligible project, delete funds from one existing RIP project, and program one new RIP project in the 2006 STIP as follows: program $1,850,000 in FY 2007-08 for Construction of the City of Lodi’s new Municipal Service Center (MSC) Transit Vehicle Maintenance Facility project (PPNO 0139); program $1,300,000 in FY 2006-07 for PA&ED for the San Joaquin Regional Transit District’s new Regional Operations Facility project (PPNO 0140); advance $887,000 of PS&E from FY 2009-10 to FY 2008-09 and program $13,000,000 for the City of Lathrop’s existing Lathrop Road Grade Separation project (PPNO 3K41); delete $16,667,000 from the Route 12 (Bouldin Island) Passing Lane project (PPNO 7350); and program $16,667,000 in FY 2009-10 for Construction of the City of Stockton’s new Route 5/French Camp Interchange project (PPNO 7239).

    *** (6) STIP Amendment 06S-008. The Stanislaus Council of Governments (StanCOG) proposes to reduce the scope of the Route 219 (Kiernan Avenue) Widening project (PPNO 9940) to acquire and build the project in two phases and shifts a total of $927,000 in RIP programmed in prior years from R/W Support to the PA&ED and PS&E.

    *** (13) STIP Amendment 06S-015. The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) proposes to delete the Traffic Monitoring System (TMS) project, located on Route 5, Route 805, and Route 94 in San Diego County (PPNO 0800), from the 2006 STIP.

  • 2.1c. Traffic Congestion Relief (TCR) Program Application Approvals/Amendments

    *** (5) The Alameda County Congestion Management Agency requests a TCRP Application Amendment to redistribute $6,000,000 from PS&E to Construction for Project #31 – Route 580; construct eastbound HOV lane from Tassajara Road/Santa Rita Road to Vasco Road in Alameda County. This amendment will also rescind the AB 1335 Letter of No Prejudice previously approved for PS&E and update the project schedule and funding plan.

    *** (8) The Department requests a TCRP Application Amendment to redistribute $3,430,000 from Construction to R/W for Project #85 – Route 56; construct the new State Route 56, which will provide a direct connection between I-5 and I-15. This amendment will also update the project funding plan.

    *** (9) The Merced County Department of Public Works requests a TCRP Application Amendment to redistribute $400,000 from Construction to Right of Way for Project #106 –- Campus Parkway; build new arterial in Merced County from Route 99 to Yosemite Avenue. This amendment will also update the project funding plan.

    *** (12) Tulare County requests a TCRP Application Amendment to redistribute $653,000 from PA&ED to PS&E and revise the project scope for Project #122 – Route 65; widening project from Kern County line to Route 190 in Porterville. This amendment will also update the project schedule and funding plan.

  • 2.2a. Environmental Matters – Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR)

    *** Route 101 in Humboldt County – Corridor improvements near Eureka (NOP).

  • 2.2b. Environmental Matters – Comments on Documents in Circulation (Draft EIR)

    *** Route 24 in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties – Add tunnel near Oakland (DEIR).

  • 2.2c. Environmental Matters – Approval of Projects for Future Consideration of Funding, Route Adoption or New Public Road Connection (Final Negative Declaration or EIR)

    *** (4) Route 188 in San Diego County – Construct truck scales near Tecate (ND).

    *** (5) Route 65 in Placer County – Construct bypass near Lincoln (FEIR).

    *** (6) Route 46 in San Luis Obispo County – Construct corridor improvements near Paso Robles (FEIR).

  • 2.3a. New Route Adoptions

    *** One Route Adoption for a Freeway in the County of Placer at 03-Pla-65, PM R12.4/R22.8 (KP R19.9/R36.7)

  • 2.3c. Relinquishment Resolutions

    *** 01-Lak-53-PM 1.2/1.5, Route 53 in the City of Clear Lake, between Cache Creek and Old Highway 53, consisting of reconstructed and relocated city streets, frontage roads and cul-de-sacs.

    *** 03-ED-50-PM 5.0 Route 50 in the County of El Dorado, at Cambridge Road, consisting of reconstructed and relocated county road.

    *** 10-Cal-49-PM 18.6, Route 49 in the County of Calaveras, at 0.1 mile northerly of Angels Road, consisting of superseded highway right of way.

    *** 12-Ora-5-PM 37.7/37.9, Route 5 in the City of Anaheim, on Disneyland Drive between Ball Road and 0.2 mile northerly of Ball Road, consisting of reconstructed and relocated city street and frontage road.

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