Reuters, via Yahoo News, has an interesting article on a phenomenon (Do doo be-do-do) [view] being increasingly seen: couple-surfing. As they describe it, a man and a woman sit side-by-side in a New York cafe, drinking beer, sharing food, and not saying a word — instead, they are typing on side-by-side laptops about the tunes played through a shared iPod:

“Realising that communicating via typing was far more comfortable … we conducted … our date without speaking. We traded headphones back and forth and typed and ordered beer and wine and more food … The waitress thought we were crazy,” wrote singer Amanda Palmer at

Now, to me, the interesting this is how LiveJournal was highlighted: evidently, there is a blog on the subject on LJ, started by Nick Currie (imomus) that shows a vast array of ways couples use the Net. The article notes that Couple-surfing can apparently be as mundane as telling each other to take the trash out, as intimate as sharing a book by a blazing log fire, or as showy as a masked ball. One person wrote, “Our new relationship was often the subject of my LJ entries and I would often say things in there that I wouldn’t tell him to his face.” Another couple — married for 12 years — say that for a while they communicated through weblogs without ever discussing their feelings face to face.

Hmmmm. At least GFG and I haven’t gotten to that level. She plays a form of word solitare on Earthlink Games while I update LJ! However, speaking about LJ, I saw a wonderful post on my FOAF list about, for your anniversary, posting one thing you love about your spouse for each year you’ve been married. I’ll have to remember to do this: coming up with 21 things should be easy. It would also be interesting to modify for birthdays: post one per year things you like about yourself for your birthday (or that you like about the birthday boy/girl).

Well, as Ian Shoales says, “I gotta go….