Does Life Make You Want To Vomit?

Then buy “Barfo” motion-sickness tablets!

According to CNN, US Airways has announced plans to sell advertisements on its air-sickness bags. “They’re in every back seat pocket,” said spokesman Phil Gee. “We figure while it’s there, why don’t we make it multipurpose?”

The jokes just write themselves. The article gets better, though:

“Little things like that work,” said Michael Boyd, president of the Boyd Group, an aviation consulting group in Evergreen, Colorado. “Barf bags have a lot of shelf life — people aren’t barfing as much in planes as they used to.”

According to Gee, the ads could be for anti-motion sickness medications or other products immediately on the mind of someone who reaches for one of the bags. But Gee said US Airways will look for a wide range of product advertisements to put on its bags.

So, what ads do you think should go on barf bags?