Picking a New Cellphone

We’re about to do a cellphone dance. Currently, my wife is using a LG VX3300, which although small, seems to have spotty reception. Both myself and my daughter are using older Nokia 3589is (reviews). My daughter’s phone’s keys have started to get flakey, and venedotia has provided my wife with a newer phone, one of the Motorola camera phones. We’re with Verizon Wireless, so we also have “new every two“.

What we would like to do is: Give the LG VX 3300 to my daughter, enable the Motorola for my wife, and get me a newer phone. Here’s the rub however: the place where I work absolutely, positively, does not allow camera phones. Although I’m sure I could disable the camera, I wouldn’t even want to try to bring one in.

Where does that leave me? My favorite option would be to stay with a Nokia phone (I like their reception), but the only one listed by VerizonWireless is the Nokia 2128i (Verizon page, Mobiledia page). The stated features are all Digital, Voice-activated dialing, Built-in Flashlight, TTY Compatible, Speakerphone. However, it is not capable of nationwide coverage, according to the Verizon Website, even though it is 800/1900 MHz CDMA. This particular Nokia also doesn’t get good ratings.

Other ones listed on the VerizonWireless website are:

  • The Samsung SCH-a630 (Verizon page, Mobiledia page). This has about the same features, but I have no real idea of battery life or reception. It is also CDMA 1900/800 MHz. Some folks (based on reviews seem to like it. It supposedly gets great reception.
  • The LG VX3300 (Verizon page, Mobiledia page) my wife has. Feh!
  • The LG VX4650 (Verizon page, Mobiledia page), but reviews are so-so and I don’t trust LG reception. It does have national access. Perhaps this is because it is “Tri-Mode”.

Opinions? Has anyone else had reception problems with the LG phones? Does anyone have experience with the Samsung phones? With business travel, I think nationwide access is important, but how widely are solely analog systems seen anymore?