Weekend Update

  • Last night, we watched the series premier of Psych. Very, very good. Why can’t these shows (Monk and Psych) show up on the broadcast channels; instead, we get Americas Got Talent. Least Common Denominator, and all that rot…
  • This is a quiet weekend in some respects. NSS&F is down in Orange County visiting her aunt. Up here, it’s just the two of us. Although that does have some advantages, it does lead to an awfully quiet house. No, don’t send your kids.
  • So what are we doing today? The usual: cleaning the house, doing laundry. Given the predicted heat (105°F), we might go swimming.
  • This evening, however, we are going to be outside in Newbery Park at Drums Across The Pacific. The line-up is: Blue Devils B (Concord, CA); Blue Devils C (Concord, CA); Dream (Irvine, CA); Esperanza (San Diego, CA); Hawthorne Gold (Hawthorne, CA); Impulse (Buena Park, CA); Jester (Phoenix, AZ); Mandarins (Sacramento, CA); Mystikal (Newbury Park, CA); Pacific Crest (Diamond Bar, CA); Renegades (Palo Alto, CA); River City Regiment (Sacramento, CA); The Academy (Tempe, AZ); Vanguard Cadets (Santa Clara, CA); Yamato (Riverside, CA/Kyoto, Japan); and the Edmonton Sabers Marching Band from Edmonton-Alberta, Canada. These are mostly B and C corps (smaller, younger), although there is at least one Division I corp (Mandarins). It should be a good show. If folks want to join us, it is $20/ticket, cash, at the gate.
  • Sunday morning we’ll likely go to the Encino Farmers Market. Last week, the fruit we got there was *wonderful*. We also want to pick up picnic stuff. Why, you ask…
  • Sunday evening we’re going to a free Concert in the Park (at least, if the weather isn’t too hot). This Sunday’s concert is one we regularly go to: Preservation Hall Jazz Band. It can be a nice evening, if the weather cooperates. Of course, for this, the more, the merrier. If we get a group, I’ll bring a game or two to play as we listen.