Damage from Tipping a Car

So, perhaps you’re thinking of tipping a car? Perhaps a small Honda? Perhaps you wonder how much of the car would be damaged? Here’s the estimate from the body shop:

In short: a gross total of $6,091.81 in damage, and I don’t even see any checking of the engine from the effective of tilting it (and I know there were fluids on the ground). My wife also thinks the estimate may be low, as they stopped writing once they reached “total”. I’d believe this, because I couldn’t see the pillar replacement on the estimate, and they told us that both the A and B pillars have been crushed. The car only had 55,720 miles on it. According to Kelly Blue-Book, trade-in value of the car (which is what is used for totalling determination) is $4,850 (fair–which is how the body shop rated it), $5,650 (good–which is where I think it should be), and $6,125 (excellent). Yup, I think I’m buying a new car [trade-in might be lower, as I pulled out my CD].

I’ll note that according to KBB, the cost to replace it with an equivalent vehicle at a dealer (which is what I believe they use for the reimbursement for the vehicle) is around $8,765, plus AAA adds tax and license, plus I think they refund the portion of the vehicle registration that is unused (we just renewed registration in April). So we should see a check from insurance for between $8,500 and $10,000… about half of the cost of a new vehicle.