Tipping: It’s Not Just For Cows Anymore

I’ve been in a bad mood today. For those that didn’t read my earlier post, it is because some vandals decided to have some fun at 4:15am this morning, and tipped my car, a 1999 Honda Civic DX, onto its side. I found out about this at around 5:00am this morning, when two LAPD officers showed up at my door.

We’ve gotten the car towed to the repair shop. After they are finished fingerprinting it, they will estimate the damage. Initially, there appears to be damage to the front quarter panel, the driver’s door, the driver’s mirror, the rear windshield wiper… plus cosmetic damage, possible frame damage, possible axle damage, and who knows what damage to the engine from being on its side (anyone familiar with cars know the effect of this?). All this from kids “having fun”. Grrrrr….

At best, we’re out $500 for the deductable, plus our stress and time. At worst? Well, the trade-in blue book is $5,600, and a rough estimate of repairs might be $5,000. Guess what this means, kids? You got it: the “kids having fun” may have just totalled my car, and quite likely, gotten me car payments again (because, of course, even an equivalent used car would be more). Using carsdirect.com as a rough estimation, an equivalent car is not available. Based on the prices of 1999 Honda Civics in general, I’d be looking at around $10,000. I’d also consider a Toyota Matrix, but even used, they are around $16,000. If I had to get a new car, it would likely be a Scion xA (MSRP: $12,780 – $13,580) or Scion xB (MSRP: $14,030 – $14,830), a Toyota Matrix (MSRP: $15,260 – $17,795), or a Honda Fit (MSRP: $13,850 – $14,650). However, I really want my Civic back. It was just getting broken in (only around 56K miles), and had no payments.

Will we find who did it? Unlikely. Of course, I all encourage you to focus good “Jewish Mother guilt” at whomever did this. Perhaps they will turn themselves in and leave a note on my door.

I’m pissed. I’m depressed. I’m grumpy. I’m angry. I’m antisocial, yet I want people around me. I hate this. First my shoulder, and now this.