L.A.’s Finest and Unnatural Positions

This morning, at 5:00am, just after I had assembled breakfast, I noticed two flashlights poking around my front door. Curious, I was moving to turn on the light when the doorbell rang. I was greated by two L.A.P.D. officers, who asked, pointing to the street, “Is this your car?”

Looking through my not-quite-awake eyes, I see some squarish-shape. Thinking it is a van, I say, “No, it’s not.”. They say, “But it’s registered to you.”. I go and investigate.

Someone had tipped my car (a 1999 Honda Civic DX) onto its side (specifically, they appear to have picked it up from the curb and tipped it onto the driver’s side). It looked square because I was looking at the bottom. Our neighbor across the street had called it in; evidently four teenage boys did it around 4:15am (I get up at 4:50am).

I’m still in shock.

All I can guess is that it was some sort of grad-prank. There was no other vandalism to the car. Supposedly, a similiar gang had been tipping over trashcans a few months ago. I never had things like this happen in our old neighborhood — perhaps slime like this only go in the nicer neighborhoods.

AAA has been called; the car has been righted and is being towed to the shop. My wife says there is minimal side damage, other than the mirror. They’ll need to verify the frame is OK, and that the engine hasn’t been mucked up by fluids. Insurance should cover this, although I’m sure we’ll be out a deductable.

Oh, that’s right, happy Monday morning.