CSUN Brag: CSUN tops in prepping Ph.D. pupils

Seen into today’s Daily News: The National Science Foundation recently ranked California State University, Northridge, second in the nation in preparing students to earn doctoral degrees in research fields, particularly sciences, according to a university statement released last week. Only California State University, Long Beach, graduated more students who went on to earn doctoral degrees between 1995 and 2004. Between 50 and 70 CSUN alumni earned doctoral degrees each year during that span. Furthermore, CSUN ranked first nationwide in preparing psychology doctorate recipients, a title it’s held consistently since 1991. CSUN was fourth in the nation in graduating students who went on to earn doctorates in the social sciences. It also came sixth in preparing science and engineering doctorates and tenth in biological sciences.

I think I’ll have to point this out to management at work.