Political Remembrances and Phonecalls

[While the tea cools…]

Today’s Los Angeles Times reminds us that today is the anniversary of the shooting of Robert F. Kennedy in the pantry of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles in 1968. I remember that shooting. I have a distinct memory of watching the primary results with my mother (what I was doing up that late, I don’t recall) on an old Zenith black and white set in the upstairs den at our home in Playa Del Rey. That was back in the days when the California primary meant something.

And speaking of June Primaries and California… over the weekend, I got lots of phone calls: Al Gore, Jerry Brown, and others. How they got my numbers, I don’t know, but they didn’t talk back when I spoke to them. Seriously, I’ve gotten more political phone calls (recorded ones) this election than ever before. Here’s a word of advice to any candidate reading this: if you make a recorded call to my house, I will specifically go out of my way to vote for your opponent. I do the same thing for candidates that have annoying websites (i.e., that start playing loud music you can’t turn off). Actually, I’ve already voted: I filled out my absentee ballot on Friday.