One Thing I’m Doing in August 2007

We just got the latest issue of DCI Today. For those of you who don’t know what DCI is, it is the organization that sponsors the drum corps activity. What is drum corps? The best way to describe it is to take up to 135 kids, divide them roughly into thirds (color guard, percussion, brass), and put them on a football field for a competition judged on its musical quality, its coreography, and its precision. This is a large activity, with corps from all over the country.

Normally, California doesn’t get to see the championships of Drum Corps, even though two of the top corps in the country (Santa Clara Vanguard, Concord Blue Devils) hail from California. It looks, however, like 2007 will be different, for the 2007 DCI World Championships will be held in Pasadena California (August 7-11, 2007). This is a welcome change from venues such as Madison WI or Orlando FL. This one we can drive to! We haven’t been to a championship in ages… I think since 1987, when we saw the competition in Kansas City MO. We’ll have to order tickets early.

But what of this year, you ask? First, there appear to be a bunch of new California corps, including more in Southern California. Back in the “old days” (i.e., when my wife was active), we had folks like the Velvet Knights, the Kingsman, LA Chinese… but they are all gone. But it looks like things are building back; we have:

This has resulted in a 2006 schedule with lots of Southern California events (more than the two we were lucky to get a few years ago). I think the most likely ones for us to try for are:

  • Sat, June 24. Corps at the Crest, Walnut, 5:00p. Blue Devils, Santa Clara Vanguard, Pacific Crest, Blue Knights, Mandarins, Esperanza, Impulse, The Academy, Mystikal, Jester, Hawthorne Gold, Dream, Sr.
  • Sun, June 25. Western Corps Connection, Riverside, 5:15p. Blue Devils, Santa Clara Vanguard, Blue Knights, Mandarins, Pacific Crest, Esperanza, Impulse, The Academy, Jester, Hawthorne Gold, Mystikal, Dream, Sr.
  • Wed, June 28. Corps at the Crest II, Newbury Park, 6:00p. Santa Clara Vanguard, Blue Knights, Blue Devils, Pacific Crest, Esperanza, Mystikal, Impulse, Hawthorne Gold.
  • Sat, July 8. Drums Along The Pacific, Newbury Park, 5:00p. Mandarins, Esperanza, Pacific Crest, Mystikal, The Academy, Vanguard Cadets, Blue Devils B, Impulse, Yamato, Hawthorne Gold, Jester, Blue Devils C, Dream, Sr., River City Regiment, Sr., Renegades, Sr.
  • Sun, July 9. Impuse Show. Bellflower. Pacific Crest, Esperanza, Mandarins, Impulse, Blue Devils B, Vanguard Cadets, The Academy, Yamato, Mystikal, Jester, Hawthorne Gold, Blue Devils C, Renegades, Sr., River City Regiment, Sr., Dream, Sr.
  • Fri, July 28. Western Corps Connection II. Riverside. SoCal Dream, Impulse, Jester, Mystikal, Oregon Crusaders, Pacific Crest, Vanguard Cadets, Yamato.

[Note: For you Northern California folks, there are a bunch your way as well: 6/17 in Hayward, 6/18 in Modesto, 6/20 in Bakersfield, 6/30 in Pleasant Hill, 7/1 in Stockton, 7/14 in Elk Grove, 7/15 in Sunnyvale, 7/26 in Modesto]

I think, of the above, either 6/28 or 7/8 look the best, as they have the least driving. And then… 2007 in Pasadena!