A Lunchtime Rant: Ohm on the Range

userpic=divided-nationEarlier today, a politically conservative friend of mine posted the following cartoon from Legal Insurrection:

Sourced from https://legalinsurrection.com/2018/01/branco-cartoon-love-trumps-hate/

My initial reaction is the situation pictured will be about as successful as the “Hate Obama/Clinton” strategy was for the Republicans in 2016.

I’ll let that sink in a minute.

But seriously, the picture highlighted a problem and perception that I have with our progressive, resistance movement. Far too many of us are just as knee-jerk in our hatred of Trump as the Conservative side was of Obama. Look at the memes from groups like Occupy Democrats making fun of Trump. Look at the posts on Pantsuit Nation with people in fear of Trump. As you read memes from our progressive groups, ask yourself if they are the same types of memes you might be seeing from the Conservative side against Obama or Hillary. Hell, you’re still seeing them from that side against Hillary.

An aside to any Conservative reading this: We’ve given up on Hillary; you should too, and let her fade back into the historical record.

We are better than that. I like to think that liberals and progressives are well educated and critical thinkers (which is why we’re liberals and progressives). I like to think that we have in-depth knowledge of the issues; that we take the time to learn the nuances and complications before we tweet. We shouldn’t need to sink to sophomoric name calling, fat shaming, slut shaming, ad hominem attacks, and all the other silliness that I see.

The issues in the upcoming elections are critical not only to our nation, but to the world. They are complicated issues — health care, climate change, treatment of women and minorities, religious freedom, equality, economic class warfare, and much more. I like to believe we have the better positions. I like to believe that we can represent and discussion those positions, and win based on the strength of our arguments — even in the face of conspiracy theorists. Certainly, in a fact based discussion, we can demolish Trump’s position and expose them for what they really are, and who they do and do not benefit.

If our platform for 2018 and beyond is simply hatred of Donald Trump, we’ve lost. We’ve let partisanship eclipse our intelligence and common sense. Let’s win the upcoming election season not by dropping down to the level of hatred, but by rising up to the level of intelligent political discourse where we take the time to listen to the other side, and use our intelligence and critical thinking to refute their arguments and to convince them of the correctness of our positions.

Hatred never wins. Well, except when you manipulate the electoral college and district boundaries.


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  1. Your piece is very thoughtful and, in most ways, correct. I am an anomaly, a lifelong Democrat who is a Conservative. So, I make it my business to read the spectrum of published information on both sides. Unfortunately, Liberal Progressives don’t seem inclined to do that, which puts them at a disadvantage IMO.

    There is so much going on that MSM isn’t reporting. They just ignore real stories that don’t fit the narrative, keeping so many intelligent (albeit too trusting) people in ignorance.

    Things that will be happening over the next few days will rock Americans mightily, and little is being reported. It’s an abomination and incredible disservice on the part of the media.

    1. Political discission on both sides would be a nice change. Will mevr happen again in my lifetime. Hopefully our children will learn from our mistakes. Signed
      Life long Conservative

  2. You can delete my previous comment. I really only wanted to reach out to you to say I appreciated your piece. I wasn’t intending to start a conversation. Be well and keep writing. I enjoy your work.

  3. Yeah, remember when the Democrats were all hating on Richard Nixon? Ronald Reagan? George Bush and Dick Cheney? The Western American culture? Christians? White Males? Hatred has been their primary stock in trade for a long, long time.

    1. And before you go too ballistic about “that danmed Republican,” know this: I’ve been a Democrat (somewhat liberal, though not a Leftist) for over half a century. I’ve seen it from inside the Party. I’ve seen the historic socio-political drivers that extend all the way before the other “turn of the century.” I’ve seen these experiments tried through history and around the world. There is a psychological disconnect that prevents many Leftists from seeing the damage they are doing.

      1. You probably think I’m a youngster. I’ve been a Democrat (with an exception briefly for John Anderson) since I started voting in 1978. So I’ve seen much of what you’ve seen as well. I’d hesitate on going as far as “psychological disconnect”, nor would I assume that all Democrats are “Leftists”. There is a difference. I still believe in the party of Johnson, Humphrey, Kennedy, and such, who I would hardly call “Leftists”.

    2. I do remember Nixon, Reagan and Bush. However, I’ll disagree on Democrats hating Western American culture, Christians, or white males. I’ve never gotten that sense from the party.

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