The National Weather Service is a Service: Who Knew?

Reading a draft DoD directive, and I learned something I never knew…

We all know about the various DoD Uniformed Services: Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, etc. We know the Coast Guard is a uniformed service. Some of us even know that there is a uniformed Public Health Service (after all, it is the Surgeon General, after all).

Did you know there was a uniformed Weather Service? The NOAA apparently has a Commissioned Officer Corps, which traces its roots back to the former U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, which dates back to 1807 and President Thomas Jefferson. They have ribbons, but I don’t know their ranks, other than to guess they are aligned with Navy ranks, as they are led by a Rear Admiral.

So, now when someone asks you what the seven uniformed services are, you can name them. It’s a good challenge, like naming all 24 campuses of the Cal State system (cheaters map), or all 10 campuses of the UC system (cheaters map).