Hard Night, Easy Day

Last night was a hard night. For whatever reason (we think it was the three iced teas she had at dinner), S&F couldn’t sleep. She got about 2 hours sleep overall. I got more, thanks to Mr. Codeine and Ms. Benedryl, as I was fighting a headache. gf_guruilla was up with her most of the night, going to bed around 3 am (S&F got me up around 4 am).

Despite all this, she was very well behaved today, and will surely crash tonight. She was well-behaved because (a) she wanted to wear her costume to the Purim Carnival today, and (b) she wanted to visit her cousins. She’s down in Orange County now, and a spending a few days with them.

So, gf_guruilla and I have the house to ourselves for a few days. Strange feeling.