My Day as a Sine Wave

(down and…) Today, I spent the day at the USC Research Review in the Costing Secure Systems workshop. This meant driving down to USC and spending the day down there. Ugh. Alien territory. I think I need to take a shower. (You have to remember: my degrees are UCLA BS ’82, MS ’82) Seriously, I wasn’t that impressed with the campus: they are overbuilding it more than UCLA is!

(up and…) However, the workshop itself was great. It was exploring the COCOMO II model, and I was able to make significant contributions to the model, impressing the folks running it. I basically came up with a better approach to estimating KSLOC (1000 Source Lines of Code) based on the security functions included in a product.

(down and…) Came home to find Katie Kaboom. One of these days, I’ll be able to get that girl to clean her room without fighting. As I’m sure deedeebythebay knows, it seems to be an endless battle.

(up and…) But, she agreed to work out with the trainer with me tomorrow night, as gf_guruilla will be at a gluten-free dining out night.

(down and…) I got the response from the Pantages on Wicked Group Sales. I’m not sure what it will buy us… in fact, for some nights, group sales are more expensive than the regular sales. For example, outside the preview period, Saturdays at 1PM or Sundays at 2PM are more expensive for group sales ($98 orch group vs. $89 orch single, $62.50 back mezz group vs $57 back mezz group). The only place group sales might work would be Sunday July 10 or July 17 at 6:30 PM, when Center Orchestra B-ZZ, Side Orchestra L-ZZ, Center and Side Mezz A-H would be $80.50 vs $89.00 (Mezz J-N would be $51.5, and Side Mezz J-N and the last two Mezz rows would be $31.75). You can find a seating chart here. Note that there would be a $2.50 ticket charge per ticket. The ordering information is as follows:

The group minimum for “Wicked” is 20. When placing an order please note that we do not have access to seating availability. Once you place the order, the Group Sales division of the box office will process it within 7 to 10 business days. Please do not tell your group that you have the tickets unless you receive an invoice from us. Please do not call us to check the status of your order unless it has been 10 business days since you placed the order. Once you place an order you can not add tickets to it unless you place a new order for 20 or more. You can estimate a higher number of tickets than you think you may need -and then reduce that number before you make payment. If you are greatly reducing the number of your group- notify us as early as possible so we can sell those seats. If the number in your party dips below 20- it is no longer considered a group and we will not be able to sell you the tickets. You can request up to 3 different choices of dates for your group. If your first choice is sold out the box office will move to your second choice and so on. Once you have paid for your tickets, it is a final sale. There are no refunds or exchanges. We cannot make any changes to the order once you have paid for it. There is no elevator in the Pantages Theatre. If you need wheelchair accessible seats you must request them at the time you place your order.”

(up and…) So looking at this, I think the best possibilities for a group might be Sunday July 10 or Sunday July 17 at 6:30 PM. I know that I would be able to fill 5 spots: me, my wife, my daughter, ixixlix, and the Karate Kid. elisabeta75 has also expressed interest (that’s 6), and previously, lordandrei had expressed interest for 2 potentially. That would take us to 8. ellipticcurve would make 9.

(down and…) So I’m not sure we would be able make 20. Are more folks interested?

So, that’s my roller coaster of a day. Can I get off now?