Getting Needled

While I’m getting ready to post the highway headlines and collecting information for some future themed news chums, here’s a little diversion: some articles related to the fiber arts:

  • Wall-to-Wall. No, I’m not talking about Trump’s wall. We’re talking carpet here — that tufted shag that keeps your tootsies warm. Have you ever wondered where carpet came from? Did it fly in like magic? Wonder no more: here’s a history of carpet. You’ll also learn about the infamous Empire Carpet jingle.
  • Knitting Disorder. I must confess: I live with a fabric artists. Right now, she’s on a knitting binge — and has been for a few years to the detriment of the numerous other fabric projects like needlepoint, cross-stitch, sewing projects, quilting, and dolls. I now have a possible reason: there is a connection between excessive knitting and addiction.
  • Hats and Marches. By now, you all know about the “pussy hats” that marchers wore on the Womens March on Washington after the inauguration. There’s going to be another march — this one for science — and here’s how to knit a brain hat.
  • Dusting It Off. Don’t want to knit a hat? How about crocheting a duster? Here’s how you can crochet your own Swooffer.