Shillin’ For The Kid, not Chillin’ in the Hood

My daughter walked in last night from Religious School, handed me a shift of brightly colored paper, and said “Shill for Me”. Well, she didn’t use those exact words, but the intent was there.

You’re probably wondering what I’m talking about. Simple. Her religious school, Temple Beth Hillel, is doing one of the Barton’s Kosher L’Pesach Chocolate Candy Sales. You’ll find the catalog here (Acrobat-750KB). She has to turn in orders by February 8th. If you want to order something, let me know. We can do the payments either via paypal (faigin -at or a personal check, and I’ll figure out how to ship your stuff to you. Unless you want to add something for shipping (figure Priority Mail from zip 91343 to your address), I’ll cover it, as it is for a good cause (namely, it means we don’t have to buy candy!)

I thank you, and S&F thanks you. Note to the locals: I do have the catalog with me today.