Decision 2016 Ballot Analysis: Summary (6/5)

userpic=voteThe upcoming November ballot, at least in my precinct in Los Angeles, California, is large. As the Donald might say, it is “Yuuuuuge”. Over five posts: one covering the Presidential ticket (although you know where I’m going there), one for the down-ticket races (although note that I reconsidered two judge races), two covering the state-wide propositions on the ballot (50-59, 60-67), and a final post covering the county, city, and special district measures, I have presented my thinking on all the ballot issues. This post summarizes all my conclusions.

Note: Propositions Haiku by Damion Carroll. Click on [📝] for the analysis page.

Office or Issue
My Position
President [📝]
Hillary Clinton / Tim Kaine fb (D)
US Senator [📝]
Kamala D. Harris fb (D)
US Representative, 30th District [📝]
Brad Sherman fb (D)
California Senate, 27th District [📝]
Henry Stern fb (D)
California Assembly, 45th District [📝] Matt Dababneh fb (D)
Judicial Office No 11 [📝]
Steve Schreiner fb
Judicial Office No 42 [📝]
Efrain Matthew Aceves fb
Judicial Office No 84 [📝]
Toss up: Either candidate is acceptable: Javier Perez fb or  Susan Jung Townsend fb
Judicial Office No 158 [📝]
David A. Berger fb
Proposition 51: Bonds for K-12 School and Community College Facilities. [📝]

Nine billion dollars
Of bond funds for school buildings
Term: thirty-five years

 Thumbs Down  No on 51
Proposition 52: Medi-Cal Hospital Fee Program.  [📝]

A hospital fee
Matched with federal dollars
Funds Medi-Cal boost

 Thumbs Up Yes on 52 fb
Proposition 53: Revenue Bonds. Statewide Voter Approval.  [📝]

Bonds for big projects
(Like high speed rail and Delta)
Would need people’s vote

 Thumbs Down No on 53 fb
Proposition 54: Legislature. Legislation and Proceedings. [📝]

Bills must be posted
On the web, for three days straight
Before they are passed

 Thumbs Down No on 54
Proposition 55: Tax Extension to Fund Education and Healthcare. [📝]

For high-earning folks
An income tax that funds schools
Would remain in place

 Thumbs Up Yes on 55 fb
Proposition 56: Cigarette Tax to Fund Healthcare, … [📝]

The cigarette tax
Would go up, two bucks a pack
E-cigarettes, too

 Thumbs Up Yes on 56 fb
Proposition 57: Criminal Sentences. Parole. … [📝]

Earlier parole
Of prisoners serving time
For non-violent crimes

 Thumbs Up Yes on 57 fb
Proposition 58: English Proficiency. Multilingual Education. [📝]

Kids learning English
Won’t need a waiver to take
Bilingual classes

 Thumbs Up Yes on 58 fb
Proposition 59: Corporations. Political Spending. [📝]

Asks to overturn
Citizen’s United, but
Shucks, it’s non-binding

 Thumbs Up Yes on 59 fb
Proposition 60: Adult Films. Condoms. Health Requirements. [📝]

Adult film makers
Would have to require condoms
Or risk a lawsuit

 Thumbs Down No on 60 fb
Proposition 61: State Prescription Drug Purchases. Pricing Standards. [📝]

In theory, lowers
The cost of some state-bought drugs
(But it could backfire)

 Thumbs Down No on 61 fb
Proposition 62: Death Penalty. [📝]

Vote for this one if
You want to eliminate
The death penalty

 Thumbs Up Yes on 62 fb
Proposition 63: Firearms. Ammunition Sales. [📝]

Requires a permit
Issued by the DOJ
To purchase ammo

 Thumbs Up Yes on 63 fb
Proposition 64: Marijuana Legalization. [📝]

Legalizes pot!
Also raises some tax funds
(Perhaps a billion?)

 Thumbs Up Yes on 64 fb
Proposition 65: Carry-Out Bags. Charges. [📝]

Plastic bag makers
Put this one on the ballot
To punish grocers

 Thumbs Down No on 65 fb
Proposition 66: Death Penalty. Procedures. [📝]

If you want the state
To execute more people
This one is for you

 Thumbs Down No on 66 fb
Proposition 67: Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags. [📝]

To ban plastic bags
Vote “yes” on 67
“No” on 65

 Thumbs Up Yes on 67 fb
County Measure A: Safe, Clean, Neighborhood Parks, Open Space, Beaches, … [📝]

Modest parcel tax
Maintains parks and rec centers
Rivers and beaches

 Thumbs Up Yes on A fb
County Measure M: LA County Traffic Improvement Plan [📝]

A half-cent sales tax
Funds transit infrastructure

 Thumbs Up Yes on M fb
LACCD Measure CC: Affordable Education / Job Training / Classroom Safety [📝]

Three point three billion
For community college
Repairs and upgrades

 Thumbs Down No on CC (tentatively)
City Measure HHH: Homelessness Reduction and Prevention [📝]

One point two billion
In bond funding will provide
Safe homeless housing

 Thumbs Up Yes on HHH fb
City Measure JJJ: Affordable Housing and Labor Standards [📝]

Building in L.A.?
Add affordable units
And hire locally

 Thumbs Down No on JJJ
City Measure RRR: Los Angeles Department of Water and Power [📝]

Gives greater power
To DWP’s Board
To hire and set rates

 Thumbs Up Yes on RRR (tentatively)
City Measure SSS: City of Los Angeles Fire and Police Pensions [📝]

Lets airport police
Into the same pension plan

 Thumbs Up Yes on SSS