Morning Musings: Going to the Dogs

userpic=don-martinOver the July 4th weekend, my daughter is fostering two shelter dogs (as the shelters often get full with dogs over the 4th). This morning, during my shower, I was musing about why we don’t look at dogs the way we look at cars. Just imagine…

  • I’ve heard that its a bad idea to get a new dog. They just depreciate too much when you get them off the lot.
  • We opted to go to the used dog store instead. Alas, I couldn’t get a DogFax™ report to find out what accidents the dog had in its past.
  • Do used dogs stores permit you to take the dog to your local mechanic for an inspection before you decide to buy?
  • How do you know if your dog has been subject to any recalls?
  • Does a dog come with any optional equipment? Is it OEM, or third party?
  • If the dog is a lemon, can you exchange it in 90 days?
  • I’d get that dog, but it looks like someone has tampered with the odometer.

This is where my mind is this morning. I think I can use the extended weekend 🙂