Incredible, Just Incredible

(Grrrr. For some reason, the overhead lights in my dad’s office have stopped work. Yes, I checked the breaker; my stepmother says this is a known problem. So, I’m working with spot-lighting).

Just got back from seeing The Incredibles. Very good movie, but not for little kids. It dragged a little bit in the middle, but for the most part, it was quite good. I’m sure there were loads of references in the movie that I’m sure I didn’t catch, but I’m sure the main bad guy (Syndroid) was modeled on Freakazoid, especially the hair. I did like the interpersonal relationships between the family, and the movie had some very good messages.

As for the previews: nothing, except perhaps Cars, made me want to go see the movie (and I’m sure there was at least one “Cars” reference in the Incredibles).

Now, back to the office. I’ve done a little bit today, and learned a lot about my dad’s past: his first marriage, his first jobs (including being secretary/treasurer of a company at the salary of $125 per week), early houses (the first house I remember was purchased for $26,000). Its been quite interesting.

Tonight will be a holiday dinner, so it should be interesting.