Friday Morning Musings from a Befuddled Brain

Similar to what I posted on Tuesday, this is a collection of various musings on things, none quite worth a full post in and of themselves.

  • CD Gremlins. Went to go pack CDs this morning, and now two of my CDs are missing: The Boy From Oz and the new version of Thoroughly Modern Millie. They are probably in a stack somewhere, but “Come out, come out, whereever you are!”.
  • Training. Betcha’ thought I was going to talk about the ferroequine type. Nope. For years, I’ve been saying I need to get a personal trainer so I can work out at home. I’m now exploring acting on this. Does anyone know how to go about finding a good one? I’m looking for one that is not too expensive, and is willing to come out to the northern San Fernando Valley. I’ve never used Craigslist; would this be a good time to try it?
  • My arm. Yes, it is still bothering me. What’s interesting is that typing doesn’t really bother it (it is not the hand I use for the mouse), but writing does (it is my left hand, and I’m left handed). Grrrrr. Unfortunately, I’m having to review a lot of documents right now. Yes, I know I could use Word’s “comment” feature, but that means using Word. Bleh. Of course, it doesn’t help that I did my usual “I know best”, and went to the YMCA and did a six upper-body strength machines on Wednesday. I’m sure the sore upper body muscles aren’t helping the nerve; I thought the workout would help the muscles relax. See the 2nd bullet above.
  • The Conference. We’re down to the wire. ACSAC starts on Monday, so tomorrow we start on our trek to Tucson. I’m going to gather my final stuff today; make the CD with the files that I need. Hopefully, it will go well. I’m looking forward to my last conference as general chair! I’ll still do tutorials next year, however, but I’m planning on changing it a bit to try to get more application-oriented tutorials (i.e., how to apply a particular technology to enhance a computer security posture).
  • My head. Yup, it’s been bothering me as well. I’m sure it is related to the cold weather, and thus the onslaught of heated, dry air. I’m using a saline spray and my usual Excedrin-equivalent to control things.
  • Sewing Machines. Two days ago, I got a call from my wife. “I’m at the fabric store,” she says (always dangerous opening words), ” and they have the sewing machine I’ve been looking at for almost half-off, only around $800 with (some long term) 0% deal. Can I get it?”. After the usual “Are you going to use it?” stuff, I give my OK (this will replace her 20 year old Viking, bought used [similar to this one]). She has indicated she will ebay three of her other old sewing machines that work (another basic Viking we found at a thrift shop, a Kenmore, and some small travel machine) , and will really work on cleaning out her sewing room (she’ll keep the big Viking as backup). I think the one she got is the Bernina 135 Patchwork Edition. I really don’t mind, if she uses it. Such, however, is the life of someone married to a quilter/fabric artist! However, she knows she just bought her birthday present for next year.
  • Newsies. I’m listening to Newsies right now. Boy, it’s wierd to hear Vinnie from Doogie Houser singing! But if Doogie can do it (Rent!), I guess Vinnie can.
  • A piece of history goes. The Daily News reported yesterday that Boing! is closing the former North American Aviation “Rocketdyne” Canoga Park facility. There is where most of the rocket engines for the space program were made. They are moving the operation to Chatsworth [Nordhoff and DeSoto] (at least they are keeping it in the state). Why, you ask? It was also reported that Westborg is doing a $300M expansion of Westborg Topanga next door (bringing in a Needless-Markup), and will also be building something to connect Westborg Prominade with Westborg Topanga. The land has commercial value: the article indicates that even without the Westborg deal, the land is valued at $1.5M/acre, and there are 47 acres in the parcel. Interesting.

Well, that’s about it from this befuddled brain.