Awww. A baby.

[Yet again I’m up before everyone. Thanks to the generosity of ellipticcurve‘s sister, I’m able to access LJ to catch up and post.]

Yesterday was a day of driving, friends, and more friends.

After a delighful morning breakfast with ellipticcurve‘s folks, we hit the road for Davis. Along the way, we stopped by to see mertuil, but T-day was too much for her, and she was unavailable. That’s the way life happens, and we understand. It was all part of the cosmic plan anyway, as we still ended up over 30 minutes late to lunch.

The trip from San Jose to Davis was… interesting. It was my first time on I-680, and it reminded me of CA 22. I say that because it is a route desparately in need of maintenance. The signage is old; it needs at least one more lane; it just isn’t built to support its current traffic. Once we hit Walnut Grove, shortly past CA 242, we hit traffic. Bad traffic. All the way bad from 4 mi. before the Benicia bridge to past the bridge. It cleared up, but we found it again when we hit I-80. Given the time by then was 12:30 and we had a 1:00 PM lunch date, we took ellipticcurve‘s advice and took CA 12 S to CA 113 N. Mind you, I was trying to make up time. Hint: Don’t try to make up time on CA 113: it doesn’t mix well with the rolling hills (although I did slow down for the S curves).

We made it to Davis by about 1:40 PM. The folks we were meeting for lunch (barelyproper, klellingson and his family, jumbach, Kurumi, and the Highwayman) had already started on their little nut cups (does anyone get that reference?), so we switched the birds and started on the Turkey Tandoori, as well as other yummis. It was a wonderful lunch, filled with some really interesting conversation. Afterwards, barelyproper, and klellingson and his family joined us in Davis for some shopping. We picked up some books and used CDs, but that was about it.

Evening was with Rabbi Sheryl, Mr. Lucky, and their 6-week old baby. Awww. Cute little boy. I did take a picture of ellipticcurve holding the baby. It was a wonderful vegan Shabbat dinner, and we just sat around and talked until both the Rabbi and the baby were tired, and then we all when to our respective homes (well, ellipticcurve‘s sister’s) and beds.

A wonderful post-T-day day. Today will be Dickens. I’ll be wearing a red denim shirt and a railroad watch on a leather fob.