Passing … of … Interest

userpic=tombstonesBefore I post the writeup from yesterday’s show, I’d like to observe a moment of silence for a few passings that were announced last week:

  • Scion. Toyota has announced that as of 2017, Scion is no more. Current models (except for the discontinued tC) will be rebadged as Toyota. I remember looking at the Scions when I replaced my old Honda in 2006. Never got their separation from the parent, but then again, I don’t get the luxury brands either.
  • Bob Elliott. Part of the wonderful comedy duo Bob and Ray. Listen to the recording that is linked into that page. It is one of my favorite routines: the National (pause) Slow (pause) Talkers (pause) of (pause) America.
  • Colony Theatre. On Friday, we received a letter that the Colony was having financial difficulties, and was cancelling the remainder of their current season (I posted it on Facebook, and it was picked up by BL). I hope this isn’t a permanent closure, but even the move to hosting visiting shows would be sad to see, as the Colony had a good strong voice. I haven’t yet figured out what will replace the mid-size theatre subscription slot.
  • Joe Alaskey. Alaskey did a wide variety of cartoon character voices. As with the rock icons we are losing, we’re losing a lot of other artists that defined our worlds when we were growing up. Youngsters would recognize Alaskey as Granda Lou on Rugrats.
  • 6th Street Viaduct. The classic Sixth Street Viaduct is no more. Seen in many many movies, the viaduct has been demolished (we know, we went through the closure traffic yesterday… twice). Beautiful, but no longer structurally safe. We will remember you.
  • And others… a few other notable names this week: John Tishman, of Tishman construction; Maurice White, of Earth Wind and Fire; Paul Kantner of Jefferson Airplane; Marge Hearn, widow of Chick Hearn; Dan Hicks, folk musican; Singe Anderson, the first female singer of Jefferson Airplane; Edgar Michell, an Apollo 14 Astronaut; Raphael Schumacher, an actor who succumbed to an on-stage hanging.

Note: Everyone will eventually pass away. Please make sure you are prepared to join the Internet of the Dead.