A Taste of Normalcy

My daughter’s 10th birthday is Wednesday. Long before my dad’s accident, we had planned this weekend as her birthday weekend. We are still doing her birthday parties this weekend. She needs that normalcy, and my dad would have wanted it that way. So, my wife (gf_guruilla) and ellipticurve (whose been very busy baking) have pulled together an English Tea Party for today. There will be about 6 young ladies (10ish, guys, so calm down) together with S&F’s grandmothers.

Me? Some birthday parties I can handle. Tea party? Nope. I’m going gaming. Today is the day of the Games Gather in La Cañada. I missed the last Games Day due to my father’s accident, and I really need a day of gaming just to unwind. So, I’m going to play games all day. S&F and ellipticcurve will be joining me at the Games Gather after the Tea Party is over, allowing gf_guruilla some decompression time.

So, I think today will be an island of normalcy in this crazy time. Tomorrow we’ll get back to straightening things out (although we’ll have a family gettogether in the afternoon), working towards the funeral on Thursday. I’ve got the funeral information on my dad’s blog.