They’ll make you a mix tape / To give you a clue.

userpic=white-ipodLet’s continue the theme of using song lyrics. In Avenue Q, the characters sing of using a mixtape to send a signal. There’s a word in there that has transcended its origin: mixtape. We’ve moved far from the original notion of making a cassette with a mix of music; we’re in the brave new world of digital music. In this world, we don’t even know what music sounds like — “good enough” is good enough. Apple has given into this: they no longer have players with the capacity for lots of high-def music (I’ve bemoaned this before, and won’t bemoan it here). But mixtapes — and in particular — tapes — have given us the theme for this post (which was really keyed off the C-90 item). Cassettes came in a variety of sizes, but the most common were C-30, C-45, C-60, C-90, and if you were really brave, C-120s. So, here are some news chum items, in the sizes of cassettes: