(meme) Dichotomy Meme

[Snarfed and adapted from tsgeisel]

Answer these dichotomies the best you can. Feel free to add additional dichotomies.
[Revision history: Q1-10 from tsgeisel adapted from lrc. Q11-16 from cahwyguy.]

1) Dancing: Country (English/Irish) or Ballroom? Ballroom, as I don’t know the other style. My actual preference is Israeli.

2) Literature: Fantasy or Science Fiction? Science Fiction. Although I like some fantasy, I like more of a science flavor in it. Darkover or Pern are examples of the fantasy that I like. Xanth is not.

3) Alignment: Lawful or Chaotic? Lawful.

4) Personality: Introvert or Extrovert? Extrovert, although I generally sit back and observe for a few minutes.

5) The mass of humanity: Evil or Stupid? Stupid. I like to say “Never ascribe to malice what you can to stupidity.”

6) Unix geekery: Emacs or vi? Emacs. I used to be a vi person, but I’ve been emacs for years. I remember when the argument was Rand Window Editor or vi!

7) Adult themed: “Normal” or “Kinky”? Normal.

8) Adult themed 2: Monogamous or Poly? Monogamous, although I love to watch the scenery as it walks by.

9) Art: Film or Digital? Film, I think. I like to see the skill of people.

10) Late night activities: Sleep or Computer? Are those the only two options: I may be 44, but I’m not dead :-). If I must choose, alas, sleep.

11) Driving: Freeway or county road? Ideally, country road (i.e., taking the time to explore), but sometimes one must rush and miss lift thanks to the sound walls.

12) Religious Philosophy: Beliefs or Actions? This is a hard one, but as I tend to have trouble with belief, I’ll go with actions.

13) Religious Philosophy #2: Dogma or Informed Choice? Informed Choice, as I tend not to go for blind dogma.

14) Geographic Philosophy: West Coast or East Coast? West coast, which is more informal and relaxed, as opposed to East Coast, which is more formal and protocol-based.

15) Salad Bars: Build-your-own or pre-prepared? Build your own, which is more west coast.

16) Memes: Silly quizzes or exploratory memes? Exploratory memes. I want to learn about you, or have you learn about me.