🛣 Changes to the California Highway Website covering May – July 2022

This update covers the remainder of May that wasn’t covered in the April update, plus June and July. This took a bit longer, because I’ve also been working on getting our new podcast, California Highways: Route by Route up and running. You can visit the podcast’s forever home at https://www.caroutebyroute.org/ , or the show’s page on anchor.fm. A full sample episode and the first full episode (covering the history of California Highways through 1920) are already up. The next episode will be up shortly after these updates. Subscribe to the podcast in your favorite podcasting app or by using the RSS feed. Just search for “California Highways” and look for our logo. The podcast is a joint effort between me and Tom Fearer of Gribblenation. Our plan is to include interviews in each episode. Episode 1.01 includes an interview with Adam Prince on the Good Roads movement, and episode 1.02 will feature Joel Windmiller of the Lincoln Highway Association on the initial set of US highways in California. We’re looking for interviews for the remaining set of Season 1 episodes, as indicated. If you’ve got a lead on a speaker, please let me know.

  • California Highways Route by Route Podcast1.03: Building a State Highway System: The 1930s: An expert on the role of the Auto Club in signing highways
  • 1.04: Building a State Highway System: Expanding the System: Someone to talk on the 1956 Interstate Highway Bill
  • 1.05: Building a State Highway System: The Great Renumbering and New Freeways: Someone to talk on the construction boom of the 1960s and/or the impact of the great renumbering.
  • 1.06: Building a State Highway System: CEPA and Reality: Someone to talk on the impact of the California EPA act on highway construction
  • 1.07: Highway Numbering: State Highways: Someone to talk on how the state numbers state highways — in particular, anything official on numbering patterns, or the rules for signing things.
  • 1.08: Highway Numbering: US Highways: Here I’d like someone to talk on the role of AASHTO on numbering US highways
  • 1.09: Highway Numbering: Interstates: This is Interstate numbering, so again an expert on Interstates — either numbering, the federal aid highway acts, or the chargeable/non-chargeable distinction
  • 1.10: Highway Numbering: County Routes: This is numbering of county highways, so anyone from a county public works department on the signed route system
  • 1.11: The Naming of Highways: A state legislator on highway naming resolutions
  • 1.12: The Organizations of State Highways: Someone from the California Transportation Commission on the role of the commission.

Updates were made to the following highways, based on my reading of the (virtual) papers in May, June, and July 2022 (which are posted to the roadgeeking category at the “Observations Along The Road” and to the California Highways Facebook group) as well as any backed up email changes. I also reviewed the the AAroads forum (Ꜳ). This resulted in changes on the following routes, with credit as indicated [my research(ℱ), contributions of information or leads (via direct mail or ꜲRoads) from Gary Ansok(2)Concrete Bob(3), Gretl Davis(4), Paul DeRocco (pderocco)(5), Tom Fearer(6), Andy Field(7), Richard Lyon(8), Glen Norman(9)Plutonic Panda(10), Chris Sampang(11): Route 1(ℱ), Route 4(ℱ), I-5(ℱ), I-10(ℱ), Route 11(ℱ), Route 12(ℱ), Route 17(ℱ), Route 25(ℱ), Route 29(ℱ), Route 33(6), Route 35(ℱ), Route 37(ℱ), Route 41(ℱ), Route 55(ℱ), Route 58(7), Route 59(ℱ), US 66(6), Route 71(11), LRN 77(ℱ), LRN 78(ℱ), I-80(ℱ,4), US 80(6), Route 83(6), Route 90(6), Route 98(ℱ), Route 99(ℱ,6), US 101(ℱ,6), Route 120(ℱ), Route 125(ℱ), Route 140(ℱ), Route 148(3), Route 156(ℱ), Route 162(ℱ), Route 190(ℱ), Route 194(6),  I-205(ℱ), Route 206(6), Route 209(6), Route 212(6), Route 221(ℱ), Route 228(6), Route 236(ℱ), Route 262(9), Route 275(ℱ), Route 330(6), US 395(ℱ,5), Route 480(ℱ,6),  I-680(ℱ), I-710(ℱ,6,10), Route 905(ℱ), County Sign Route E9(8), County Sign Route G2(2).
(Source: private email, Highway headline posts through the July Headline post, AARoads through July 25, 2022)

Added a link to a crowdsourced map on the El Camino Real Bells. H/T to J. Scott Hayden for the link.

Reviewed the Pending Legislation page, based on the California Legislature site. As usual, I recommend to every Californian that they visit the legislative website regularly and see what their legis-critters are doing. As many people are unfamiliar with how the legislature operates (and why there are so many “non-substantive changes” and “gut and amend” bills), I’ve added the legislative calendar to the end of the Pending Legislation page. The following bills made it out of the process:

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