💸 Follow the Money

In today’s NY Times, there was an article titled “Health Care and Insurance Industries Mobilize to Kill ‘Medicare for All’“, addressing how “Doctors, hospitals, drug companies and insurers are intent on strangling Medicare for all before it advances from an aspirational slogan to a legislative agenda item.”

I see articles like this, and that old mantra “follow the money” comes back to me. Remember: It was pressure from insurers that gave us the Affordable Care Act, as a compromise to protect their interests. They are doing so again, and ask yourself why: is it in the interests of you, the patient, or in the interests of the businesses and their stockholders? “Follow the money” (and its corallary, “If you get something for free, they you are the product, not the customer”) are so true, whether we are talking this, the pro-gun lobby, election advertising, and other lobbying efforts.

When you see things like this, ask yourself: Why doth they protest so much? In whose interest are they working, and remember that they wouldn’t be spending what they are spending unless they had an expecting of exponential gain in return.