Can You Explain It To Me?

In between various things, I’m still trying to clear out the accumulated news chum. Here are some good explainers for things you might be curious about:

  • QAnon/The Storm. A new conspiracy theory called “The Storm” has taken the grimiest parts of the internet by, well, storm. Like Pizzagate, the Storm conspiracy features secret cabals, a child sex-trafficking ring led (in part) by the satanic Democratic Party, and of course, countless logical leaps and paranoid assumptions that fail to hold up under the slightest fact-based scrutiny.  Here’s the explanation.
  • News Deserts. One of our big problems these days is that many of us live in news deserts, a result of the nationalization of the media, which has been good for news junkies but not as good for those who want and need news about their local communities. Here’s the explanation.
  • Family Separation. The news is full of people upset about the new family separation policy from the Trump administration. Wonder what it is? I posted this yesterday, but it’s worth reposting: Here’s the explainer.
  • Blockchain. You’ve probably heard of blockchain. It is the basis for cryptocurrency, and it is supposedly the savior for everything from sliced bread to the water in Flint MI. Here’s the explainer of what it is.
  • Dishwashers. Dishwashers are magical devices. You put in your dishes, and without scrubbing, they are clean. Ever wonder how they work? Here’s the explainer.
  • Milk. Even something like milk sometimes needs an explaination. For example, why is milk white, as opposed any other color? Here’s the explainer.