Erev RH Menu

Everyone else has been busy posting all their fancy menus for tonight. I just got off the phone with gf_guruilla. We’re going to be much more last minute, especially as it is just the three of us for dinner. So, here’s our menu:

* Honey-Mustard Chicken (I’ll make when I get home)
* Kugel of some sort, either rice noodle or rice
* Ginger Carrots
* Challah
* Apples and Honey.
[Updated 1:38 PM]
* Honey Cake
* Tagelach (at least that’s what is sounded like)
[End Update]

Simple and sufficient, and we should be done in time to make our 8:45 PM services. This will be our first time at this synagogue, so it should be interesting. I have no idea how bad parking will be.