Hypocritical People

userpic=soapboxTwo articles this week have caught my eye because they clearly elucidate some interesting positional tension.

The first, an opinion piece by the attorney for the McMath family (the parent’s of the brain dead girl in Oakland) has the following paragraph:

Those who attack Nailah’s decision and who are “pro-choice” on the issue of abortion should think hard about the fallout from their insistence that the family’s personal and private decision about when life ends can and should be overridden by doctors or the state. The same rights that support the choice made by Nailah also support contraceptive rights and abortion rights.

The other is an article about the television series “2 Broke Girls“, and its pushing the boundary of proprietary in the 8pm hour. That article contained the paragraph:

“CBS has no obligation to only create child-friendly programming so your kids aren’t subjected to sexual suggestion, especially at night – and the FCC isn’t here to raise your kids,” said L.A-based pop culture expert Jenn Hoffman. “Ironically, the same values-obsessed people who want the FCC to swoop with an iron first and regulate our airwaves are often the same people who want the Federal government to leave their speech, guns, heath care and  churches alone. At some point you have to choose what type of country you want to live in and stick with it.”

Being consistent on your positions is not easy, from either side.