What is “The” Issue?

As I walked down to get my lunch, the big screen in the cafeteria was going on about Romney. Now I’m in California, where the chance of Romney getting any electoral votes is nil. This got me thinking about races where my vote does matter, and races where it may not. As I walked up the stairs to my office, I wondered:

If you have to pick one race on your ballot, which race is the most important to you personally and where do you stand on it?

For me, I guess that race would be Proposition 30. That’s the race that hits me directly because my daughter is attending a UC. Tuition has been rising, and if Prop 30 fails, we will see tuition and college costs go up further, classes get harder to get, and perhaps I might even end up having to pay for an additional year of college. Ouch! I’m willing to pay a little more in sales tax to avoid that. I mean, I want all the other good Prop 30 does, but the big aspect for me are the cuts to UC. So for me, it is important that Prop 30 passes.

So, what is your most-important contest?

ETA to clarify: I’m looking for a specific ballot contest, be that a particular battle for an elected office or a state/local/district measure. For example, although my vote for President is probably meaningless in California (being a Democrat), it could be very significant in any of the propositions or the Berman-vs-Sherman battle.