Today’s lunchtime news chum brings together a collection of articles, all having to do with changes:

  • Losing an Operator. Today’s news brings a report that American Airlines is stopping its operations at Burbank Airport. Now Burbank (more formally, Bob Hope Airport) is an interesting airport, being the original airport for Los Angeles. The articles are noting that American’s operations at Burbank go back to 1983, but they actually go back much further: American purchased the commuter airline Air Cal back in the late 1980s, and Air Cal was a major operator at Burbank.
  • Another Deli Bites The Dust. EaterLA brings news of the closure of another deli in Thousand Oaks. Originally, TO was a one deli town: Roxys. But then two delis from the city muscled their way in: Brents, from Northridge, and Nate and Als, from Beverly Hills. Roxys went out of business shortly thereafter. EaterLA brings news that Nate and Al’s is gone as well, to be replaced by an Umami Burger.
  • It’s a Monster. Reflecting our changing times, Hansen Beverages is changing its name to Monster Beverages. Those of you who have teens are likely well familiar with Red Bull; Monster is a major energy drink competitor. In fact, the Monster side of the business has overwhelmed the other side of Hansens… which is much better known for making natural fruit juice based drinks. You probably never realized they were the same company.
  • D&D. OK, I must confess here. I don’t play D&D. But my daughter does, and it was surrounding me when I was in college at the UCLA Computer Club. Well WOTC (who purchased TSR, as well as Avalon Hill) is at it again, working on a D&D Revision 5 to fix the Revision 4, which was soundly dismissed. Most folks I know still use 3.5. In any case, they are trying to do it this time with user input. One questions why, if they have a good game system, they keep needing to reissue the rules… other than to sell books. Me? I much preferred games like Superhero 2044 or Teenagers from Outer Space. The latter was great especially for notes like (paraphrased): The goal of teenagers is to have sex.  However, sex isn’t funny. Now frustration–that’s funny.
  • Women and Politics. A last item, concerning women and politics, which is also change. There’s an interesting opinion piece in the LA Times on the subject, discussing a proposed law that 50% of the assembly be female, and opining that we don’t need a law that specific. It also talks about what is done in some other countries, such as alternating male and female names on a ballot. Do we need to be more proactive to get women into politics? Of course, in this election year, there’s one woman I would like to see more involved in politics.

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