Changing Your Thinking

Today’s lunchtime news chum all relate to various ways you need to change how you look at things:

  • Liquidation Sales aren’t Cheaper. Bargain Babe has a nice reminder: Books aren’t necessarily cheaper at Border’s Liquidation Sale. As many folks probably know, stores raise prices before the liquidation sale, and thus things at Borders were actually cheaper before they started to liquidate. Does this make a difference to the scores who see 10% off and rush in to buy…
  • Leave It There. Consider the fate of expensive tunnel boring machinery. These multi-million dollar tunnelling devices often need to be taken out in pieces, using even more labor than the device originally cost. What’s the answer. New York has opted to entomb its 200 ton, 22.5′ diameter boring drill below Park Avenue. The drill cost $8M to build, but would cost $9M to part up and cart out. So, an an official ceremony takes place this week where the cutter will be sealed off by a concrete wall; its chamber will then be filled with concrete, encasing the cutter in a solid cast, so that it can serve as a support structure for the tunnel. A plaque will commemorate the site.
  • Think Small. This fall, Scion is introducing the Scion iQ, a microcar along the lines of the Smart ForTwo. Under 10′ long, with room for 2 passengers and one wedged in the back, and an estimated 36mpg, it will be interesting to see if the public goes for it. It does have the Toyota brand behind it (for what that’s worth), a much quieter and more powerful engine than the Smart, and impressive safety features. You can find a description of how every cubic inch is used in the linked article.
  • Leave Them Alone. Fifteen castaways set out on a tour, only to be marooned on an island. Sound like a sitcom plot. It isn’t. It’s real life… and the Coast Guard has opted not to rescue them. Why? It hasn’t been determined yet whether they want to leave.
  • McDonalds is Evil. Well, it may be, but Ronald is getting less evil. First, it was turning McDonalds into mini-Starbucks. Now, horrors, they are making the Happy Meals healthier! Further, they are promising to reduce sodium. What’s next? Introducing actual meat flavors into the burgers?