Logo Evolution

I guess I’ve been interested in logos since the mid-1970s when the kerfluffle over the NBC “N” logo occurred (i.e., the first time they killed the peacock). Of course, since then they’ve killed the peacock again, at least in the top-level corporate logo. I bring this up because of an article in this week’s Time Magazine that looked at the evolution of a number of corporate logosall prompted by Starbuck’s redesign of their logo. This prompted me to do some lunchtime web searches on logo evolution, and I thought I would share the results. Logoblink has a nice article with even more details on the Starbucks logo evolution, including loads and loads of variant and parody logos. Instantshift looks at the evolution of 20 different corporate brand logos: Apple, Shell, Xerox, BMW, Nike, IBM, Canon, Google, Kodak, Microsoft, Volkswagon, MasterCard, Firefox, Pepsi, LG, Mercedes-Benz, General Electric, Nokia, Ford, and Wal-Mart. The Autoinsurance.Com site has a nice graphic on the evolution of car company logos. Lastly, NeatORama has a nice article on the evolution of tech company logos.