It’s Not Over Until The Last Tutorial Presenter Presents

And so it’s over.

Today was the last day of the conference. It was a full day of tutorials, while I had a day of conference business combined with packing and shipping the conference business office back to whence it came (i.e., publishers, proceedings chair, etc.). Still, I did have some interesting hallway conversations… Both Dave Bell and his wife found the notion of mixing train scale with computer security models interesting.

Note: You can find an article written about the conference from NetworkWorld here.

Speaking of trains, after the conference ended, I went down to University to ride on the Old Pueblo Trolley. I’m actually a member, as well as being a member of OERM. This afternoon they were running Kyoto City Lines #869/1869, which was built in 1953. OERM also has a Kyoto car, but it is much much older, having been built in 1910. My interest in OPT stems from their first car, OPT 10, which was a loaner from OERM (PE Birney 332). Alas, we couldn’t ride all that long, as due to the 4th Avenue Street Fair, the line shut down early.  So, we walked 4th Avenue a bit, then went off to BBQ for dinner. Joining me in the railgeeking adventure were Richard Smith and Marshall Abrams, founder of the Abrams Railroad Empire.

Tomorrow, hopefully, I see my sister-in-law and her family. I return to LA mid-afternoon.