“Catch It and Keep It”: Coming to your ABC station…

Back when I was in high school, the National Lampoon had a routine we loved to listen to: “Catch It and Keep It”. In this routine, large appliances were tossed off a tall building… you catch it, you keep it.

Guess what? ABC has a new idea for a reality show. Quoting from Curbed LA:

“ABC is casting this weekend for a new primetime game show called Downfall. The show will be shot on the roof of a skyscraper somewhere in Los Angeles, and gameplay will involve throwing shit off of that roof. There will be a huge cash prize, and the game format adds the excitement of watching much-hoped-for prizes head for the side of a skyscraper as contestants work against the clock to answer the trivia questions. If they fail at the game contestants will see what they’re playing for drop off the side of the building!”

Yup. Both cash and prizes will be tossed off the building. Catch it, and you keep it!