Chum That Makes You Go Huh? — Toilet Paper, Car Personalities, Mystic Dates, & Structural Glass

Here are some more articles that just caught my eye during my lunchtime reading:

  • CNN has a Mental Floss article on how toilet paper is uniquely American. We’re evidently the leading consumers of the product; we’re the inventors of the product; and of course, we’ve come up with ways to market the product without referring to its specific function. Think of what the “strength”, “softness”, and “absorbancy” are really saying…
  • The San Diego Union-Tribute has a link to an AP article about personality traits of cars. It talks about how the shape and styling of a car often reflect a personality the manufacturer wants to project. Given this, why do so many manufacturers want to reflect the personality: “dull”?
  • USA Today has a piece about something that is going to happen tomorrow morning: the “rare” date/time alignment of 04:05:06am 07/08/09. They are tying to imbue the date with all sorts of meaning, and why it is a good day for this and that. Of course, I read the article on the heels of watching the Penn & Teller Bullshit episode on Astrology, so I’m thinking, “This is news?”
  • The New York Times has an article about the new observation boxes in the Sears Tower in Chicago: the ones made of glass that suspend you ¼ mi above the sidewalk. I’m sorry, but I don’t think you’ll get me in one of those. The article’s take on the boxes is interesting though… it doesn’t look at them from the fear factor — rather, it looks at the use of glass as a structural building material. Those boxes are laminated tempered glass. Of course, that doesn’t make a difference to your psyche…