DirecTivo: Repair or Replace

I’ve heard back more from Weaknees and DirecTV (background to story). Now to decide what to do. I’m open to opinions…

Repair Option. We take the unit to Weakness. They diagnose ($99) and repace one or both tuners ($129 to $159). We could upgrade the drive while we’re at it, which would be additional labor ($79) plus the drive ($109 to $259). So, effectively, we’re talking between $450 and $600 to repair and upgrade, but we keep a Tivo unit.

Replace Option. DirecTV has indicated we get a free service call. They called us, and indicated they no longer have replacement DirecTivo units, and cannot repair them. They would replace it with a DirecTV DVR (non-Tivo) [for free, they claim]. We would need to watch/burn stuff off the Tivo before we could replace it, meaning we would have to live with the bad tuner until then (meaning I might need to buy a season of Weeds).

Opinions? Is sticking with the Tivo worth $500? Are the DirecTV DVRs that bad?