Friending on Facebook

On Livejournal, it is relatively easy to know when to friend. Someone friends me. I then read their stuff for a bit — if it interests me, or if they regularly start commenting and those comments are good, I friend them back.

On Facebook, it’s a lot harder. I often look at the friends lists of my friends (or Facebook makes suggestions). I look at those in my high school class. Some were more on the acquaintance side: folks I knew but weren’t in my age group or friends circle, or folks more on the camp counselor level. I’d love to get back in touch and find out what’s happening with them, but I’m hesitant to friend them first. So I hesitate, and secretly hope they will friend me. [Of course, it is easier when someone friends me first: I then see if I know who they are based on their profile or friends before I friend them back. If I know you, I’ll likely friend you back.]

So what is your policy on friending on Facebook?